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Cleaning Teeth While Wearing Braces

By Loran Simon / June 29, 2018

As anyone who has ever worn dental braces can attest, it is not easy to thoroughly clean beneath and around the wires and brackets. The dentist can advise on the best way to brush and floss while wearing braces and probably suggest using: – A soft-bristled brush to avoid damaging tooth enamel – An interdental […]


Recovering After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

By Loran Simon / May 31, 2018

Many people opt to have wisdom teeth extracted before they cause problems while others require this surgery because of issues such as impacted teeth. Regardless of the reason for the extraction, the method of recovery and the time required is fairly standard at around the two-week mark. The process is as follows: – Within 24 […]


What To Eat & Avoid For A Fresh Breath

By Loran Simon / May 25, 2018

Bad breath is a common condition that usually causes embarrassing moments. Here are foods you should avoid and the ones you can eat for fresh breath. Main takeaways: – Foods that cause bad breath include onions, garlic, coffee, dairy, meat, fish, refined sugar, and juice. – Other causes of bad breath include hormonal changes, smoking, […]