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Loran Simon

Dental Care Tips is a dental news website for patients. We also provide a free service to help patients find local dentists. Dental Care Tips is operated by Somnowell Marketing, a digital marketing agency for dental practices. We also founded Somnowell, the ground breaking anti-snoring device invented by Prof. Simon Ash.


Preventing Gum Disease in Infants

By Loran Simon / June 9, 2018

Even young babies can suffer from gum disease if proper care is not taken with dental hygiene. Poor oral hygiene is the chief cause of gum disease and following some simple guidelines will minimise the risk. – Wipe the gums gently after every feeding – Use a soft, clean, moist washcloth – Use floss gently […]


How Long Is Recovery After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

By Loran Simon / June 5, 2018

Dentists recommend this common oral surgery to prevent impacted teeth, ongoing pain and recurrent infection. To reduce initial swelling, your dentist or oral surgeon will probably suggest using an ice compress for the first few hours. Key takeaways: – Full recovery from wisdom teeth removal and the resulting bruising can take up to two weeks. […]


Recovering After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

By Loran Simon / May 31, 2018

Many people opt to have wisdom teeth extracted before they cause problems while others require this surgery because of issues such as impacted teeth. Regardless of the reason for the extraction, the method of recovery and the time required is fairly standard at around the two-week mark. The process is as follows: – Within 24 […]


Things You Can Learn By Checking Your Teeth

By Loran Simon / May 29, 2018

Problems with your gums, lips, cheek lining, teeth and tongue can indicate more serious issues in your body. Here are signs to look out for. Summary: – While two or more cavities at the same time could be a sign of diabetes. – Worn tooth enamel could mean you have acid reflux. – Bleeding gums […]


Baby Dental Care: Sedation In Children

By Loran Simon / May 28, 2018

Sedation is used for long procedures but is it really safe for children? Here is what to know about dental sedation for your child. Main points: – Ensure that the dentist is fully equipped with monitoring devices to check your child’s heart and breathing rate. – Only allow sedation if your child has serious issues […]


What To Eat & Avoid For A Fresh Breath

By Loran Simon / May 25, 2018

Bad breath is a common condition that usually causes embarrassing moments. Here are foods you should avoid and the ones you can eat for fresh breath. Main takeaways: – Foods that cause bad breath include onions, garlic, coffee, dairy, meat, fish, refined sugar, and juice. – Other causes of bad breath include hormonal changes, smoking, […]


Simple Home Remedies For Cavities

By Loran Simon / May 24, 2018

Cavities are tiny holes on teeth that appear when food residue and bacteria combine to form plaque. Cavities must be diagnosed and treated by the dentist but here are some home remedies. Main takeaways: – Rinse your mouth with a tablespoon of coconut and sesame oil to reduce bacteria and minimise plaque. – Eat licorice […]


To Floss or Not to Floss?

By Loran Simon / May 24, 2018

Most people will brush their teeth twice daily but not all follow through with flossing. Brushing, on its own, is not enough to remove all harmful bacteria and plaque and especially not from between the teeth. Flossing reaches these problem areas and loosens the plaque, bacteria and food debris which is then removed with brushing. […]


What causes white spots on gums?

By Loran Simon / May 21, 2018

The symptoms may be due to minor ulcers (canker sores) or more severe health issues. Key takeaways: – If the spots are uncomfortable or painful, see your dentist promptly. – Early diagnosis is highly advisable, to treat the condition and minimise complications. – A small tissue sample might be necessary to check for oral lichen […]


The Importance of Gentle Brushing of Teeth

By Loran Simon / May 9, 2018

Gentle brushing of teeth is an important part of a good oral health regime. Brushing too hard can result in teeth sensitivity and also irritate the gums and hasten gum recession.Key takeaways: – Brushing too hard may result in cavities requiring treatment by a dentist as it can remove protective enamel.– Without the protective enamel, […]

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